Japanese Comfort Food


“All food is comfort food. Or maybe I just like to chew.”

Lewis Black

It’s always fun to try new foods but it’s even more fun to try what locals call “comfort food”.

This joint has all kinds of Japanese home made dishes that are not that easily found in normal restaurant. And it’s even better that the portions are not of Japanese norms.

We tried this Oyako Don (aka family bowl) a mix of chicken and eggs and topping it with a beautiful raw yolk.

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It comes with a noodle side dish and you get to choose them hot or cold, thin/thick and you can even triple the portion size.

This creamy Udon goodness is on my top list every time I visit. The spicy cod roe with the fresh cucumbers and the cold noodles makes it one of the best refreshing dishes to try on a hot humid Tokyo day. It might look like nothing but I tripled my portion here. Let’s just say I was lucky my huge sibling was there to share the humongous leftovers.

Yes, unfortunately, Japan rarely if ever does doggie bags.

Local tip: https://www.tablecheck.jp/shops/tsurutonntan-roppongi/reserve for online reservation to avoid HANGER. 

Restaurant info:


Open daily: 11:00~8:00 am (next day)


Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 3-14-12
Roppongi 3-chome Building

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