What Do You Want To Eat?

…It’s Not That Simple!

When in doubt, go Kaiseki. You can’t go wrong with a Kaiseki cuisine because they offer everything and anything… and I mean it when i say everything and everything.

Let’s take a look at the modest course I tried at this place for a BARGAIN!

Starting off with a Tofu Platter, you will get to try Tofu in all its glory. Mashed, dried and black sesame flavored.

Moving on to some charcoal grilled chicken with a choice of wasabi dip and Yuzu miso.


Next, shark fin marinated in pickled plum eaten like a roll. To be honest, not my favorite. I don’t enjoy chewing on cartilage but based from the speed at which the plate emptied, I am guessing no one shared my feelings.

Deep fried Tofu cakes next, these were amazing! Super crunchy on the outside while soft and tender on the inside without the gooeyness of the tofu.


Moving on to a very traditional dish: Horse meat topped with a raw yolk drizzled with toasted sesame oil.


The following dish was quite surprising as it was a cheese cracker made completely out of cheese with some interesting Japanese toppings such as seaweed and sakura shrimps.


 Dessert was quite surprising as it was a pickled veggie platter. I have to say, that I did not see that coming.


Local tip: Try the OMAKASE COURSE. It’s only Y3000 for at least 10 dishes. Yes, I only posted seven here and that is because I wolf down some of them while enjoying my booze a little too much.

Restaurant info:

Ko Ryouri Hyakken

Open 18:00~1:00


Shibuya-Ku Dogenzaka 2-20-10. 1F

Checkout their facebook for their seasonal products and reservation:


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