Multi-Course Japanese Dinner


Food Is My Drug Of Choice.

Seriously, everytime I am torn between having sashimi or fried noodles, I just end up going to these lovely joints. They serve everything “Japanese”. From sushi to hotpot, you’ll get all the seasonal goodness anyway you fancy.

This time, ordering my favorite boozy drink (Freshly squeezed Lemon Sour) got me this chilled pork-based broth filled with tiny pieces of raw daikon. It was a 38ºC Tokyo night with a 91% humidity rate. So this mandatory appetizer was welcome. Yes, in Japan, ordering booze gets you an obligatory “welcome” dish they add to your bill. Fun!!!

We were straving so we went ahead and ordered heavy things such as the lamb cutlet.

But it took forever, so we had to get something that would get quicker to our table, so we went with the CRAB TOWER (basically crab mixed with crab, on top of crab).

The cutlet was still a no-show so we decided to try the Unagi (eel) stuffed omelet.  Scrumptious!

The cutler finally showed up, but felt we could squeeze in something else.

So why not go for beef on a stick. I seriously have no idea how they manage to turn grilled chunks of beef into melting butter, but I ain’t one to complain.

Local tip: Go with the Omakase course (chef’s selection) to avoid waiting for your food like we did. 


Restaurant info:


Open daily: 17:00~00:00


Shibuya-ku, Udagawacho 13-16. 5F


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