“The only time to eat diet food is while waiting for the steak to cook.”

Julia Child

So what is the fuss about Wagyu? Nothing much… Just that it is the best kind of cuts you might have!

Why? Because of the FAT.

Don’t freak out yet! It’s not any kind of FAT. It’s the good kind of fat. Now I don’t know much about the scientific logic behind fearing or welcoming fats. I just know that Wagyu is phenomenal.

It’s juicy, it’s tender,and it melts in your mouth.

Nothing beats a bite of an A5 Wagyu.


What the heck is A5?

A not complicated system of rating whatsoever (*eye roll). It is the equivalent of using French vocabulary in a menu to sound … luxurious.

Here goes nothing:

Grade A : above standard
Grade B : standard
Grade C : below standard

Now the numbers would mean:

5: Excellent
4: Good
3: Average
2: Below average
1: Poor


Now back to this restaurant.

It is a teppanyaki style joint where the chef cooks your selection right in front of you.

They show you the cuts before they start cooking with the name, origin and a little explanation of what to look for while feasting on them.

Everything is prepped and cooked right in front of you, so it makes the whole experience well worth it.


Local Tip: If there is no grade to the wagyu you see on the menu, it means it is neither an A5 nor an A4. 

Restaurant info:

Katou Gyuniku Shibutsu

Open Monday~Saturday 18:00~23:30

Lunch available Monday~Friday 11:30~14:30 


Shibuya-Ku Shibuya 2-12-12 B1


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