Meat Sushi


“Lobster tail? Is that the area near the butt? Om Nom Nom Nom”

Jim Gaffigan

Now I know that when in Japan, the number one must eat dish is nothing else but SUSHI. But then when some of you are like my grandma and call shrimp the cockroaches or the sea, i present to you: Meat Sushi.


Just like it sounds like it is a thin slice of meat from different parts of the animal( be it beef, horse or foie gras… can you guess which is which from the pics?) carefully placed on top of sushi rice (sticky vinegared white rice) with some unavoidable Wasabi.


Local tip: Try the Omakase course. It’s a great way to discovering your own palate. 


Restaurant info:

Niku Sushi

Open daily 17:00~5:00


Shibuya-Ku Udagawacho 13-8. 2F

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