♥You’re the salmon to my sticky rice♥



Midori Sushi will NOT disappoint you. With its large array of variety from recommendation plate that are full of the freshest seasonal cuts to the most colorful rolls, I find Midori sushi to cater to all taste buds even if it is just sushi we are talking about. Seriously, where else can you get a piece of literally overflowing Uni or Ikura? The beauty of this place is that the fish and rice ratio is way off… in a good way. Nowhere will you find a sushi with just the right amount of rice to hold on a humongous cut of fresh seafood at that price.


Feeling bold? Go with the Uni (sea urchin), or the Ikura (salmon eggs).

Daredevil? Try Shirako literally meaning white children. Yes, it is exactly what it means: Sperm!


For the more timid, salmon and tuna are winners at all times, especially the Negitoro a divine combo of tuna sweetness and a chives’ kick.


Raw food makes you squeamish? Go for the seared cuts like salmon, tuna, flounder that are seared with a blowtorch!! And do try a bite of egg tsumami (sweet cold omelet) in between sushi pieces to cleanse your palate before going for your next bite. Or you can always go hardcore and have a slice of pink pickled ginger (Gari) instead.


The real deal is in the main shop in Umegaoka. But if you don’t feel like taking trains and transferring one too many times, don’t panic! There is a branch in SHIBUYA.


Queuing is unfortunately a must in all branches and no they do not take reservations. So go grab a ticket from the automated machine (counter is always best for the “cooking” show) in front of the store and wait diligently for your number to be called.

Local tip: Get your ticket at 10am, go stroll around and come back at 11am when they open to get the first seat. Any other time and you will have to wait for at least

ONE hour… if lucky!

Restaurant info:

Midori Sushi

Open 11:00~22:00 daily

Umegaoka Main Branch: Umegaoka station south exit

Shibuya Branch: Shibuya Mark City 4th Floor

Checkout the link for other branches and details

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