My favorite type of men is … RAMEN!


Seriously, can’t get more local than this joint. Enjoy the ticketing machine where you choose your noodles and toppings. Because who can be happy with one slice of pork belly when you can have ten? And that food porn soft boiled egg? But I digress. This joint is not just about that. It is about their specialty noodles: The fiery one!

This hot chili oil based noodle dish comes with no soup and it is heaven…that is if you’re a sicko like me and love hot hot hot goodies!

I am unfortunately doomed as it is my go to cheat meal and it does not help that it is literally next door to where I live.


Local tip: For the same price, you get to choose small, medium or large noodles. Go big or go home.

Restaurant info:


Open daily 11:30am~2:00am (Closed on Wednesdays)

Address: Setagaya-Ku Shindaita 5-13-10


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